Why Jack and Barbara Play Yellow for Children’s Hospitals

Led by Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, the PGA TOUR and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, “Play Yellow for Children’s Hospitals” strives to bring the entire golf world together to help the 10 million kids treated at local children’s hospitals each year.

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Jack Little Jack
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Jack & Barbara's for yellow

Craig Smith

Jack’s love for yellow starts with Craig Smith, the son of Barbara’s minister and a passionate young fan in Jack’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio, was diagnosed in 1968 with a rare bone cancer (Ewing Sarcoma) that would tragically end his life in June of 1971 at age 13. Jack would call him frequently, and during one conversation following a win, Craig said he predicted victory because he was wearing his lucky yellow shirt…

Jack and Barbara

Jack and Barbara Nicklaus and the PGA TOUR and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals are inviting you to PLAY YELLOW. Play Yellow means you're supporting the children in your local children's hospital.

Yellow Out Steps
Nicklaus Children's Hospital

The Vision of Jack & Barbara

A $100 Million Miracle

A Lifelong Commitment to Children’s Hospitals

Barbara and Jack Nicklaus have established a lifelong commitment to saving the lives of children by supporting children’s hospitals. Their personal efforts have made enormous impact on hospitals in Central Ohio and South Florida. Both Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and Nicklaus Children’s in Miami, Florida are forever improved as a result of their efforts.

Teeing the Vision Forward

To build on this vision, Barbara and Jack are asking the entire golf world to step forward and help save lives by raising funds to help children’s hospitals across North America. Together the Nicklaus Foundation and CMN Hospitals have created a unique cause-marketing platform designed specifically for the golf industry.

Why Children's Miracle Network Hospitals?

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provides the perfect platform to give back to children’s hospitals. Its network of 170 children’s hospitals across North America allows the golf community to give back to the communities in which they play and support. CMN Hospitals was built on a premise of keeping funds in local communities and allowing hospitals to use the funds where they are needed most. To learn more about CMN Hospitals, click here.

How about a little history?

A Lifelong Commitment

Jack and Barbara have a love and passion for children’s hospitals. They’ve committed their lives to raising funds and awareness for the 10 million children treated every year. Not only are they actively involved with their own hospital in South Florida, they want to help all children’s hospitals in North America. They set a goal to raise $100 Million for CMN Hospitals.

Enter Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

It’s a tall order to raise $100 Million dollars in five years. With the help of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a network of 170 children’s hospitals, along with corporate partners, media partner and the phrase “It takes a village” comes to life. Add in Jack & Barbara’s influence in golf and the PGA TOUR and the miracle starts to take shape.

How Play Yellow Began

The idea for playing yellow was born over a plate of chocolate chip cookies. We’re not kidding and yes, Barbara is amazing! Meeting at the Nicklaus home PGA TOUR Commissioner, Jay Monahan, Jack and Barbara Nicklaus and John Lauck, CEO and President of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals asked the question, “how might we get the golf community together under one umbrella to help children’s hospitals?”