Join Jack and Barbara and Play Yellow for Children’s Hospitals

Play Yellow is a unique cause platform for the golf industry. Barbara and Jack Nicklaus are asking for your support. The Play Yellow campaign will be announced at THE PLAYERS Championship, March 12-17, 2020 and will continue through June 2020. Don't miss out on your opportunity to be a part of golf history!

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Jack’s love for yellow starts with Craig Smith, the son of Barbara’s minister and a passionate young fan in Jack’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio, was diagnosed in 1968 with a rare bone cancer (Ewing Sarcoma) that would tragically end his life in June of 1971 at age 13. Jack would call him frequently, and during one conversation following a win, Craig said he predicted victory because he was wearing his lucky yellow shirt…

Craig Smith

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A Legendary Challenge

Come Together. Ensure a Miracle. Create a Legend.

To rally behind the vision of saving every child’s life and for the entire game to come together and do something no other sport has accomplished.

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Join us to make Jack & Barbara’s vision a reality and to create another legend for the game of golf.

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